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Be it dinner at the own Menorca villas or perhaps a town fiesta

A geniune Menorcan meal can basically be considered a highlight of the Balearic holiday! And why should not it’s? In the end, the very best holiday recollections are individuals that engage all of the senses- sight, seem, touch smell and taste- which come up with Menorcan meals.

Traditional Menorcan cuisine is distinctive, having a taste its own. You may enjoy it in several ways: relaxing repast on the beach picnic in Boy Bou inside the convenience of certainly one of individuals luxurious Menorca villas inside a hut within the fishing villages or perhaps a posh restaurant in Mahon.

Here are a few great Menorca staples – dishes that stimulate the island’s flavours, and parade its wealthy bounty. Use them at least one time around the island – then attempt to recreate them both at home and restore recollections of individuals traditional sunshine in Menorca!


Nothing can compare to warm crusty bread to begin meals. Serve it with alioli – a mixture of mayonnaise and garlic clove – and you’ve got a geniune Balearic delicacy. Many historians believe mayonnaise was invented in Mahon or Mao around the island, but when mayonnaise is not the way you like, almost always there is queso de Mahon, an excellent cured cheese. Then add sobrasada – hard Menorca sausage made from cured meat from the local porco color negro, bacon – and a few paprika to heat some misconception!

Much traffic towards the region buy the island’s cheese and sausage as souvenirs. Restore the idyllic times of your vacation in Menorca villas by serving them up in the morning once you are during the real life!

Sea food

Obviously, caldereta de langosta is mandatory when you are around the island, but it is not too difficult to recreate in your own home. You do not need to do what King Juan Carlos of The country does (it’s stated he constitutes a special visit to the fishing capital of scotland- Fornells simply to have this famous stew once the mood strikes) – you may make up yourself. There are lots of variations of the slow-cooked lobster stew / casserole using its fresh sea food and heady mixture of onions, tomato plants, garlic clove and parsley. If you possess the right spices (and also the right recipe) and accessibility freshest lobster along with other sea food, you’ll be able to rustle up an excellent imitation immediately in your kitchen.

Caldereta de llangosta is not your best option if you have fresh sea food. Simple steaming bowls of fresh mussels gently seasoned but still within their shells, in addition to fillets of tuna, ocean bass, grouper along with other fresh catch will also be great. Also keep in mind the calamari!


What authentic Spanish social gathering is finished without paella? The Menorcan version- fresh sea food cooked with saffron-infused grain – is definitely a success. Things to wash it lower with? Why, Xoriguer Gin obviously! Check it out with bitter lemon or some soda and lime peel and find out how easily you are transported to your much-loved vacation in Menorca villas!

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